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4 Reasons to upgrade to macOS Big Sur

Apple continues to impress us with their powerful new features with every major update. That’s why many of you need no persuading to update your macOS to the most current version. Just remember that it’ll probably be larger than Catalina—approximately 12 or even 13GB. So just get MacKeeper right away to free up some disk space and let’s upgrade to Big Sur!

All-new Safari—love at first site!

Faster operation

With the new update, Safari will be 50% faster at loading pages than any other browser, while remaining the most power-efficient browser—with 3 hours more battery life.

Security and privacy improvements

Your revamped Safari will notify you if any of your passwords have been compromised. Moreover, now you can identify, prevent, and block online trackers from following you whenever you browse.


With MacKeeper, it’s much easier to monitor different security and privacy issues on your Mac:

  • protect your Mac from viruses in real-time
  • block ads — not only on websites but on Youtube as well
  • secure your connection with VPN
  • protect from malware, and more.

Give it a try and see for yourself!

Messages — a strong competitor to all other communication apps

Updated Messages app now provides a set of new tools and features to win over new users. You’ll be able to use inline replies, pin important conversations, mention a particular person, create and edit Memoji, search for any needed information, and apply amazing special effects to make your conversation more vivid.

Redesigned maps for better user experience

Take advantage of Indoor Maps to help you navigate through airports and malls. You’ll also love the ability to view in 3D with Look Around and a new Cycling Routes option that will help you plan your bicycle ride.


Privacy information on the App Store — even more transparent

Before you download any app from the App Store, you can see their privacy policies — discover how the apps collect and use your data, as well as find out if they use it to track you across other apps and websites.

Upgrade to macOS Big Sur in 3 easy steps
  • 1. Check your Mac’s compatibility

    To make sure your device is compatible with macOS Big Sur, take a look at the list below:


    2015 and later


    2014 and later

    MacBook Air

    2013 and later

    iMac Pro

    2017 and later

    MacBook Pro

    Late 2013 and later

    Mac Pro

    2013 and later

    Mac mini

    2014 and later

    Check to see what model your Mac is:
    1. Go to the Apple menu in the upper-left corner of your screen
    2. Select About This Mac
    3. Find your Mac model in the Overview section
  • Make space on your Mac to install Big Sur

    The volume of macOS Catalina is a little over 11GB, so Big Sur will probably be slightly larger than that—12 or even 13GB. The first public beta was 12,3GB.

    To install the newest macOS, you’ll probably need to free up space on your Mac. It’s high time to get rid of junk, useless files, and duplicates! Luckily you can download MacKeeper to do all these things for you in just a couple of clicks — it’s almost like magic!

    1. Click Download MacKeeper
    2. Go to Safe Cleanup to clean junk
    3. Remove file duplicates with Duplicate Finder

    Voila! Enjoy GBs of free space on your Mac.

    Download MacKeeper

    The other option is to spend hours or even days finding and deleting everything manually. Who’d like that?

  • 3. Upgrade your macOS

    The final step is to upgrade your Mac to macOS Big Sur. Go to Apple Menu > About This Mac > Software Update. Your Mac will now be updated to macOS Big Sur.

    1. Go to the Apple menu in the upper-left corner of your screen
    2. Select About This Mac
    3. Click the Software Update button

Although BigSur has significantly improved privacy and security on Macs, there are still areas of your Mac that may need protection and optimization. MacKeeper can deal with all this thanks to its powerful functionality—antivirus, memory cleaner, VPN, anti-tracking tools, and more. So download MacKeeper and use it to keep your new macOS fully optimized, clean, and secure.

Get that new Mac feeling 
with the ultimate Mac care
Download MacKeeper


4 Reasons to upgrade to macOS Big Sur

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